Sports Equipment

Southern Flooring is your single resource for all your sports flooring needs. From the painstaking manufacture of fine hardwood floors to the exact science of flawless installation, the experts at Southern Flooring understand every aspect of sports flooring systems. We ‘re confident in saying that no one knows sports floors better than we do.

Telescopic Bleachers

Southern Flooring is proud to offer Telescopic Bleachers manufactured by Sheridan Seating.

Sheridan Seating manufactures the strongest, most durable retractable platform bleacher you will find. Their free-standing, four column understructure is the sturdiest on the market. All components are fabricated in their plant, customized to your needs.

Retractable Stages

Southern Flooring is proud to offer Retractable Stages manufactured by Sheridan Seating.

Available in two models, Recessed Mounted, which retracts into the wall and Surface Mounted, which folds up against an existing wall. Both of these models have their particular applications in converting classrooms, gymnasiums and cafeterias to other uses such as auditoriums. Both models fold into vertical position, leaving the clean surface of the stage on view, while hiding all of the substructure and power operation mechanism.

Wall Pads

Southern Flooring offers a variety of Wall Pads, customized to your specific needs.
  • Custom colors and sizing
  • SafeGuard standard and fire rated pads
  • Mildew & rot resistant
  • Wall Pad Attachment Clips
  • Molded Electrical Outlet Inserts
  • 2-Sided Corner Pads
  • 3-Sided Column Pads
  • I-Beam Pad
  • Stage Pads
wall pads
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