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Southern Flooring, Inc. offers turnkey sports flooring solutions. We have the largest selection of flooring options and the fastest, most dependable installation of anyone in the industry.

When the venue is in-demand, the project timeline is tight, and quality is non-negotiable, turn to Southern Flooring.

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Action Flooring Systems

Action Floor Systems are made with the finest white maple grown exclusively in northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Beneath the wood, a comprehensive selection of subfloor systems offers the perfect choice for any application or budget.

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Southern Flooring Systems

Southern Flooring Systems were created and patented by our founder, Jim Counihan, who was inducted into the MFMA Hall of Fame for his innovation and outstanding work in the hardwood flooring industry. Several of these patents are licensed to some of the largest sports flooring mills in the world.

Wood Flooring Systems We Offer:

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Gerflor Systems

All Taraflex® synthetic floors are designed for safety and comfort. Their multi-layered construction includes 100% pure vinyl, a reinforced fiberglass grid and closed-cell foam backing to provide shock absorption, help fight fatigue, deliver consistent ball bounce, and protect against skin burns. Product treatments ensure easy maintenance, stain resistance and prevention of mold and bacteria growth.

Additional Synthetic Flooring Systems

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Rubber Flooring Systems

Sythetic floors are often the best choice in environments such as workout rooms, multi-use facilities, indoor running tracks, and indoor tennis courts. Southern Flooring installs and services some of the finest synthetic floors in the world–floors that stand up to relentless wear and tear, drastic changes in temperature, moisture, spike damage, and even fire.

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Mondo Flooring:

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Track & Field


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Custom Logo Design and Painting

Your athletic floor should look as great as it plays. Southern Flooring is nationally recognized as experts in floor design and painting, and our designs can be seen on floors across the United States. Let our design experts create a custom design for your floor that will make a bold statement and look beautiful for years to come.


Our in-house design team provides full logo design services at a fraction of the cost of other design companies.


Our designs are applied to the floor by a team of expert craftsmen using stencil techniques. The exact method of application depends on the color scheme and complexity of the logo. For simple, one-color designs, a single stencil is usually sufficient. Multi-colored logos and large designs often require a system of multiple stencils and maskings and may take several days to apply. We’ve spent years perfecting our painting methods, and we guarantee that the results will be sharp, glossy, free of bleeds, and completely stunning.

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Sports Flooring Maintenance

Sports flooring is an investment, and the focal point of your athletic facility. We’ll help you keep it looking, and performing its best.

To preserve the beauty and life of your maple sports flooring, it is recommended to screen and recoat them annually. This will help to prevent slick, dangerous floors, while revitalizing the shine of your floor.

Even the most meticulously maintained floors will need a complete resurfacing from time to time. This varies depending on many factors including use of floor, abuse, and maintenance.

Our team can set up a maintenance schedule that makes sense for your particular needs.

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